Zencoso Chewable Ball Officially Launched!

The online launching of ZENCOSO Chewable Ball using AR technology.

The Ultimate Enzyme Catalyst – Zencoso Chewable Ball, Kick Start Today!

The upgraded ingredients of Zencoso Chewable Ball are more powerful than the previous Zencoso liquid, and it is in pill form, which is very convenient and easy to carry. The unique fermentation of Zencoso Chewable Ball can wake up the [king of enzyme] in our bodies! So Zencoso Ball is also a veritable enzyme catalyst!

  • It contains 98 kinds of natural plant ingredients of nuts, vegetables and fruits
  • A Complete 8 years of natural fermentation
  • Special ingredients: Brazilian mushroom
  • Effectively help in body detoxifying and body slimming
  • Improve metabolism and antioxidant
  • Effective in breaking down starch & sugar
  • Savior of constipation
  • Helps improve kidney function
  • Improve in gastrointestinal/spleen and stomach
  • Improve 3 high problems
  • Suitable for children, adults, seniors and pregnant women
  • Can be taken by diabetes and cancer patients
  • GMP and Japan Halal certification
  • 100% made in Japan

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ZENCOSO Chewable Ball

超级酵素催化剂 – Zencoso Ball 驾到!

这次升级了的成分比之前的Zencoso 更加厉害,而且Zencoso Chewable Ball 是呈丸状,非常方便容易携带。Zencoso Chewable Ball 的独特发酵,能叫醒我们身体上的[酵素的王]。所以Zencoso Ball 它也是名副其实的酵素催化剂!

  • 含98种坚果, 蔬菜,水果天然植物成分
  • 8年自然发酵,融合8个春夏秋冬的能量
  • 特別成分:巴西蘑菇
  • 有效帮助排毒瘦身
  • 提升代謝和抗氧化
  • 分解糖份淀粉功效好
  • 肥胖者 / 便秘者的救星
  • 帮助提升肾脏功能
  • 改善腸胃/脾胃救星
  • 改善3高问题
  • 适合小孩,成人,年长者和孕妇
  • 糖尿病和癌症患者可服用
  • GMP和日本Halal认证
  • 100%日本生产

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