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Why Your Prenatal and Postnatal Care Need A Pair of Aulora Pants with Kodenshi?

During a woman pregnancy period, her psychology and physiology have undergone tremendous changes. To adapt to these changes and dealing with physical discomfort, family members need to take much care during this period.

During the pregnancy period,a woman tends to have the following problems:

  • leg cramp during sleeping
  • serious water retention
  • numbness on both hands and feet
  • allergic skins
  • insomnia
  • can’t stay focus, easily feel tired

After the baby was born, the mommies tend to have the following problem:

  • pelvic tilt
  • hormone imbalance
  • stretch marks
  • water retention
  • big hip
  • constipation

Many mommies tend to go to the weight loss centre or confinement centre for a postnatal massage treatment. The packages that a post-natal massage centre can offer is usually less than 15 sessions (more than RM2,000 if more than 10 times) and the duration for each session is about 2 hours only. Because it does not continuously massage every day, the result is naturally slow or not effective.

Some mommies will start to pay attention to the slimming products online and see which product can effectively slim down their body. It is risky to try these consumable slimming products which selling online because you don’t know their manufacturing process, and you have no idea about the actual ingredients of the product, right?

In August 2017 right after Aulora Pants with Kodenshi launched on the market, it has become a must-have for many mommies out there! It quickly becomes the star product in the prenatal and postnatal care era! Aulora Kodenshi Pants emitted far-infrared rays and reflected back to the human body to promote blood circulation. Many mommies are able to slim down their body weight by just wearing this Kodenshi Pants. The Kodenshi pants help in:

  • pelvic shrink
  • hands/feet numbness
  • leg cramp
  • insomnia
  • stretch marks
  • water retention (super effective)
  • lift up buttocks
  • gastric
  • constipation
  • skin allergies

Testimony from Annie:

During Annie pregnancy, she had knee pain, constipation, feel tired, and series water retention. Let’s see her result after wearing the Aulora Pants:

It should be happy for Tracy who born a new baby. After 3 months, she keeps on asked by her friends whether she is pregnant again due to her belly fat. This affects Tracy mood very much and she feels embarrassed about it. One of her friends felt her pain and decided to introduce her Aulora Pants with Kodenshi.

It is unbelievable for the result of Tracy who just wears the Kodenshi pants for just first 20 days, and then follows by the result of keep on wearing for another 23 days! (total 43days)

This pants drastically helps her in:

  • flat belly
  • reduce water retention

Now Tracy get more confident and many of her friends has praised her about the slimming result!

Testimony from Elva :

After Birth Day 1 vs. Day 6
Day 6 vs. Day 13
Day 1 vs. Day 18

Let see the amazingly Elva’s body transformation from day 1( baby born) to day 18. This is her 3rd child,but based on experience this is also her:

  • first time ever no need goto postnatal massage (save money)
  • first time ever drastically slim her body down by wearing the pants
  • first time ever dropped a huge blood clot during shower

Elva feels this Aulora Pants is so unbelievable!

为何你需要一条产前和产后都需要穿的Aulora Kodenshi健康裤?



  • 晚上睡觉时脚抽筋
  • 有严重的水肿问题
  • 手脚经常麻痹
  • 皮肤变得敏感
  • 失眠或睡不好
  • 提不起精神,时常觉得累


  • 骨盘移位
  • 荷尔蒙失调
  • 妊娠纹
  • 水肿
  • 臀部变大
  • 便秘



2017年8月,Aulora Pants with Kodenshi 健康裤在市场出现后,已经成为许多宝妈们的必备宝物!它是产前和产后护理新星!Kodenshi 健康裤采用光电子纤维释放出的远红外线,能促进人体血液循环。过万人的见证已经证实Aulora Pants 对宝妈的健康问题有所帮助:

  • 收缩骨盘
  • 消除手脚麻痹
  • 解决脚抽筋
  • 解决失眠问题
  • 淡化妊娠纹
  • 去水肿
  • 瘦身提臀
  • 消除胃胀风
  • 解决便秘问题
  • 皮肤变好


以下视频的Annie也不例外,怀孕期间有脚痛,便秘,无精打采,和水肿的问题。但是她穿了Aulora Pants 后有帮助吗?我们一起看看:

Tracy产下了可爱的宝宝本来是件开心事。怎么知道产下宝宝3个月一直被人询问是否又再怀孕?这问题一直围绕着让她都感觉到尴尬没自信。身为她好朋友即心疼又体量她感受,所以当时介绍了Aulora Pants给她。



  • 收腹
  • 去水肿


Elva 的见证:



  • 第一次产后不用去做产后按摩
  • 第一次能这样快速的瘦下来
  • 还是第一次在洗澡时掉下很大块的血块