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Why We Start This Business & How to Begin?

“This company and this business can bring us the 3 most important elements in life together – health, wealth, and happiness.”

That is the reason both of us join BE International become their IBO.

In the early days, Catherine did a few jobs in different fields before. She was a project coordinator in the wastage development field for 3 years, a secretary of an MNC company for another 3 years, and to-date a planner in the semiconductor industry. People who involved in this field know very well that it needs lots of time and effort to monitor the production flow, this super stressful environment leads to Catherine get hormone disorder in 2013.

Hormone Disorder resulting in being emotional, insomnia, and serious water retention. Catherine knows that her health problems have reached a severe stage, so she began to look for different healing methods such as Chinese doctors, western doctors, as well as natural hormone balance therapy. She also tried fasting, but the result is not effective.

Catherine had spent quite a large amount of money to pay for the different type of healing methods above. But the result is slow and tedious. She felt sad and started to change her mind to look for something else, such as a product that can stick to her body anytime and can use it anywhere. One day she saw special pants named Aulora Kodenshi Pants(yes, it called this name by that time) on Facebook, shared by one of her friends. So she decided to buy 1 set of Aulora Pants to try.

Her husband, Eric, didn’t look up to the pants at first and complaint his wife was wasting money to buy a slimming pant that is so expensive. But only for 4 days, Catherine no more insomnia. This is because when Eric snores while he is asleep, Catherine will yell and kick him to stop him from snoring! And now Eric is no feeling somebody kick him anymore since after 4 days. What a relief!

2 months later, it was a night in December of 2017, Catherine asked her husband to check her back and Eric was shocked and realized that his wife was slim down a lot!

Eric is a packaging cum graphic designer. Because of his working nature, he needs to be in a sitting position for long hours to do his job. Not only this, Eric will continue to do his freelance graphic design job after work as well. He started to feel sore and pain in his lower back especially at night. After witnessing his wife’s testimony, Eric is starting to believe these pants can help him to heal his lower back pain. So he decided to buy 1 pair and wear to sleep daily.

When Eric first wore it, he began to pee very frequently. His wife told him not to worry and this symptom is showing him the Aulora Pants is healing his water retention. So Eric listened to his wife advises and keep wearing it to sleep every night. After wearing for a week only, his back pain no more feel sore and pain!”

Other than this, something that Eric never takes into account was the gastric problem. He will gastric if late dinner. After wearing the Aulora Pants, he burps more frequent and no more has the gastric problem even after late dinner.

The bonuses they both earned from wearing this Aulora Pants with Kodenshi are, we both slim down a lot without going on diet and exercise, Eric can wear back his favourite jeans and Catherine can go boutique shopping again!

Based on our results with these amazing pants, we started to share the pants on our Facebook. Our friends saw our post about these pants normally they will ask the following questions:

“Where are these Kodenshi pants from?”

“How much? If I buy a few pieces, will it has a special discount?”

“I have _______ health problem, can Kodenshi pant help with this problem?”

“Will I feel warm or hot from wearing this pant?”

“How often do you wash, how to maintain it?”

After seeing so many relatives and friends ‘ inquiries, we believe Aulora Pants really can help lots of people in healing or improving their health problem. We decided to start up this business seriously and study its marketing plan and went to BE International I.T Class 2.0.

BE International is a company that can bring us the 3 most important elements in life – health, wealth, and happiness. So we created this website and Facebook Page to share the latest news, testimonials, and events about Aulora Pants with Kodenshi.

Want to know more about this business as well as the products, feel free to contact us via the button below.


這就是為何我們兩夫婦一起幹 BE INTERNATIONAL這事業的一個理由。

在打工的日子裡, Catherine 做過 project coordinator, secretary, product manager, 後來在半導體電子業做planner. 幹過這行的人都知道,人工偏高,但工作壓力非常大,導致Catherine荷爾蒙失調,從苗條身材,已開始打橫發展。

曾荷爾蒙失調的人都知道,連呼吸都會肥。月經也試過幾個月沒來,導致個人的情緒很不穩定,時常失眠,也常常疑神疑鬼。基本上每天就好像喪屍般活著。Catherine 知道自己的健康問題已經到了嚴重的地步,就開始尋找各種方法,在怡保尋找各種中醫,西醫。後來遇上一位荷爾蒙自然療法師,經過長期的推拿和按摩,療法師成功把Catherine的肌肉變回鬆弛了,也試過療法師推薦的斷食法,的確能減去幾公斤的體重。

除了荷爾蒙自然療法師的幫忙,Catherine也時常看一位著名的中醫師。可是昂貴的診費已經讓cat吃不消,不能再繼續下去。在偶然的情況下,在FB朋友圈有人分享著Aulora Pants,於是自己就打算闊出去,賣了一套自己穿。

身為老公的Eric一開始並不看好這條褲子,感覺自己的老婆浪費錢去買這條Aulora Pants。可是只是穿了4天的時間,Catherine再也沒有失眠了。以前每個晚上當Eric入睡時發出鼻鼾聲,cat都會罵和踢的!時間過了2個月,是2017年的12月的某一個晚上,Catherine問Eric看看她是否變瘦了,Eric這個時候才認真的觀察。的確的,Catherine真的成功瘦了下來!而且是只用雙眼觀察都覺得!太神奇了!

Eric本身是一位packaging 和 graphic designer。 因為工作關係,需要長時間坐在電腦前做設計,回家後又需要趕freelance job。長年累月的關係,他的腰酸背痛問題變得嚴重(尤其是在晚上睡覺時)。經過親眼目睹老婆的見證後,Eric自己也嘗試買了一條來穿了。

剛開始穿的時候,Eric只是晚上穿來當睡褲,小便次數突然變多了。老婆就說:”這是正常的,這褲子正在幫你排水腫啦!“ 當穿了一個星期後,腰酸背痛的問題竟然沒有了!之前晚飯後也有胃漲風的問題,穿上Aulora Pants後,打飽嗝兒得很頻密。後來胃漲風也逐漸沒有了!

經過我們兩人經歷和見證,對這條Aulora Pants充滿了信心。後來我們也各自開始在FB朋友圈裡分享這條褲了,也開始有人詢問了,例如:






看到這樣多親戚朋友的詢問後,我們兩覺得這條Aulora Pants 的市場蠻大的,確實也對這條褲的公司BE INTERNATIONAL 感興趣,覺得這間本地公司非常了不起,可以研發這樣棒的產品。我們也開始研究它的marketing plan和上他们专们为IBO而设的IT Class。

可能因為自己經歷過健康問題的那種痛苦,我們兩都有在想:”如果我們能擁有健康,同時也能幫助人改善他們的健康問題,還能賺取額外的收入,那不是很有意義嗎?” 所以我們倆決心加入BE INTERNATIONAL 大家庭了!開設了這個網站和FB專頁,為大眾分享Aulora Pans with Kodenshi 的一切!

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