Why Men Should Wear Aulora Pants with Kodenshi?

If you think that Aulora Pants are only for women, think again! Because we want to share with you another great testimony from a guy!

Sam, a color manipulation specialist, also the father of two children, needs to work 13 to 14 hours a day! He need to spend a lot of time to watch the accuracy of the color, it is very tired & tedious, After going home, Sam just want to rest or sleep directly. But Sam has a nose-sensitive issue that unable to get him to sleep deeply. One night, because of rheumatism caused by his foot, it was very painful! When there is no more way to heal his pain, he tried on the Aulora Pant with Kodenshi bought by his wife!

Since wearing Aulora Pants with Kodenshi:

  • There is no rheumatism
  • There is no more foot pain caused by uric acid
  • No more constipation
  • Sleep quality has improved
  • Feel more energetic during working hours

From now on, Sam no need to eat liver care products anymore.

Sam is right, our liver organ is playing a very important rule in our life. If a man’s liver is in good condition, so do his health.

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如果你觉得Aulora Pants只是给女人穿的,那请你要重新考虑哦!因为我们要带给你另一位男士的铁一般见证!

Sam, 两个孩子的爸爸,每天需要工作13到14个小时!而且需要花精神长时间去观看颜色的准确性,回到家已经非常的累了,再也没有精神再和家人聊聊天就睡觉去了。但是Sam有鼻子敏感的关系,他并不能睡到很甜。有一天的晚上由于脚风湿导致非常的痛,在没有办法之下终于尝试了贴心老婆买给他的Aulora Pants!

自从穿了Aulora Pants 后:

  • 风湿没有了
  • 尿酸引起的脚痛没有了
  • 排便顺畅了
  • 睡眠素质变好了
  • 更精神了
  • 不再需要吃护肝保健品了

Sam 说的对,男人最重要是肝好,肝好就自然身体好!想入手Aulora Pants 给你的男人穿吗?欢迎联络我们: