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What is the Difference Between Shiruto & Zencoso Ball?

What is the difference between Shiruto & Zencoso Ball?
I already intake Shiruto, so I no need intakes Zencoso Ball right?
I’m having Zencoso Ball & Shiruto at the same time, will it have any conflict? …

We get the above questions from customers most of the time. Therefore, we would like to share with you 3 videos that point out the difference between both. For your info, both products are from BE International.

Part 1: Shiruto – Supplement For Boost Our Immune System

Part 1: Shiruto Help In Our Immune System

Part 1 of this video is about how Shiruto helps in our body immune system. Generally it:

  • Protects our body from pathogens
  • Regulate our immune system
  • Eliminate aged and abnormal cells
  • Repairing damaged cells

Part 2: Zencoso Ball – Supplement For Boost Our Metabolism

Part 2: Zencoso Ball Help In Our Metabolism

Part 2 of this video is about how Zencoso Ball helps in our body metabolism. Specifically, it has:

  • 98 types of specially selected plants (fruits and vegetables)
  • 8 years of natural fermentation
  • Micro-sized molecules
  • Japanese unique traditional technology
  • Clinically proven

Part 3: Consume Both to Boost Immune System & Metabolism

Part 3: Consume Both Shiruto & Zencoso Ball to Maximum Your Body Immunity & Metabolism

As a result, both products are focuses on different specific areas. Therefore, it is advised to consume both to boost up your own immunity & metabolism.