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The Remedies That Help With Vertigo & Proteinuria

Mr Wee has had serious vertigo for many years. This is causing him to feel dizzy and vomiting. In the worst case, he vomits for 2 days! As a result, he has spent a lot of money in both Chinese and western medicines. But it ends up didn’t work.

shiruto is vitamin for your immune system

As recommended by one of his friend’s, Ms Wee starts to intake Shiruto. He intakes 2 sachets a day (1 sachet in the morning and 1 sachet in the evening). After taking 1 and a half boxes, the dizziness disappeared. It is really effective! At first, he still had the “I don’t believe it but there is no other way around” mentality to try intake Shiruto. It turned out that Mr Wee’s courage to try is a wise decision conversely! Now his vertigo gone, and he has entertained his friend and bought 2 pieces of Aulora Boxer.

Aulora Boxer

Why does Mr Wee want to wear Aulora Boxer? Because Mr Wee has kidney problems, the doctor has told him that his kidneys are not good, and he may need dialysis in the future. The doctor also advised him to take medicine. Mr Wee felt that taking too much medicine is not a good idea, so he ignored it. One day, he started to have a lot of bubbles when he peeing, and the bubbles were not dissolving for a long time. Later, after wearing the Aulora Boxer for 2 weeks, the bubbles were greatly reduced! He was so happy about this result.

Mr Wee began to strongly believe that BE products can help himself and the people around his regain their healthy lifestyle. So he began to share BE products to more people!

Mr. Wee 已经有耳水不平衡很多年,导致他头晕和呕吐。最严重时可以呕吐2天两夜,非常的痛苦。Mr. Wee已经看过许多中医和西医,花了很多钱,可是都不见效。

在朋友的介绍下尝试服用Shiruto。每天早1包晚1包。服用了1盒半的时候头晕没有了,真的有效!当初他还抱着”我并不相信,可是没其它办法“的心态去敢敢尝试Shiruto 这产品,结果证明Mr. Wee 的勇于尝试是正确的!现在他的耳水不平衡没有再发作了,他还‘应酬’他的朋友买下了2件Aulora Boxer。

为何穿Aulora Boxer 呢?因为Mr. Wee 肾脏有问题,医生之前已经告诉他肾脏不好,以后可能需要洗肾,也建议他吃药。他觉得吃太多药不好,也就没有理会了。结果不想要来的迟早都要来。他几个月前小便时开始有非常多的泡沫,而且久久不散去。后来穿上Aulora Boxer 2个星期后,小便时泡沫大大减少了,使得Mr. Wee 非常开心,当时也开始深信BE 的产品能帮助自己和身边的人健康。于是就开始分享起产品!