Shiruto & Zencoso Help Colorectal Cancer Patient Tumour Become Smaller

Shiruto & Zencoso help stage 4 colorectal cancer patient tumour become smaller! Ms Lee’s father has stage 4 colorectal cancer in December 2018. Heretofore the doctor has confirmed that the tumour in his body is already as big as a table tennis ball and arranged to operate 2 months later.


Ms Lee relatives suggest her father vitamin for immunity, Shiruto & Zencoso enzyme that is very helpful to cancer patients, so Ms Lee bought it for her father. Ms Lee has been advised that the intake 2 sachets of Shiruto + 1 teaspoon of Zencoso daily.

After taking it for more than 2 months, the doctor arranged Ms. Lee’s father to perform surgery and opened 7 holes in him! However, he could not find the tennis ball size tumor anymore and just able to found a red bean size tumor, this is such great news to Ms. Lee & her father!


After the doctor know that Shiruto & Zencoso really can help stage 4 colorectal cancer patient tumor getting smaller, he then gave Ms. Lee’s father chemotherapy. Because of the combination taking of Shiruto and Zencoso, her father did not feel any pain or tired at the time of chemotherapy, but also feel very energetic afterward, just look like a normal person. Ms. Lee and her father believe that if they continue to take Shiruto + Zencoso, plus with the help of medical care, her father’s colorectal cancer will be under control very soon.

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Ms Lee 的爸爸2018年12月已证实患大肠癌第4期病患者,医生已确实她爸爸的肿瘤已经有兵乓球这样大。经亲戚的介绍得知Shiruto和Zencoso对癌症病人有帮助,于是就买了来给爸爸服用。分量则是Shiruto每日两包,加上1小茶匙的Zencoso, 就是这样每天服用。

服用了2个月多后,医生安排了Ms Lee 的爸爸做手术,在他身上开了7个洞,但是都找不到有兵乓球这样大粒的肿瘤,只找到了一粒好像小红豆般的瘤!这真是太好的消息了!

过后医生给Ms Lee 的爸爸做化疗。因为有服用Shiruto 和 Zencoso 的关系,爸爸不但在化疗时不辛苦,而且过后还是精力充沛,可以说和平常人的精神和体力没两样。Ms. Lee 和爸爸都相信继续服用 Shiruto + Zencoso, 再配合医疗,很快她爸爸的大肠癌就会受到控制。