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Shiruto Is Vitamins for Macrophage to Enhance Our Immunity System

The Effectiveness of Shiruto In Boosting Our Immunity System

How Shiruto provides vitamins for Macrophage cells to enhance our immunity system? Dr Inagawa (the father of IP-PA1) from Japan did a test. He put a group of mice which infected SARS into a place without doing any rescuing. All the mice were dead in 14 days. However, If they inject the SARS vaccine, the percentage of survival rate is increased to 40%. Furthermore, if the group of mice inject the SARS vaccine together with consuming the IP-PA1, the percentage of survival rate is greater than 90%!

The Vitamins for Macrophage Cell

Shiruto is vitamins for the Macrophage cell to enhance our immune system. A macrophage is the most important immune cell against diseases. Shiruto has a unique ingredient named IP-PA1. When the IP-PA1 binds to the macrophage surface receptor (TLR4), the macrophage cell will become active. As a result, it can enhance our immunity system naturally.

Shiruto Is Your Health Protection

How Does SARS Compare With COVID-19?

The coronavirus that causes SARS is called SARS-CoV. Research has identified horseshoe bats as the natural reservoir of SARS-CoV.

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is the pathogen that causes COVID-19. The virus has a close resemblance to SARS-CoV.

SARS have significantly higher case fatality rates than COVID-19. Yet COVID-19 is more infectious — the underlying SARS-CoV-2 virus spreads more easily among people, leading to greater case numbers.

Despite the lower case fatality rate, the overall number of deaths from COVID-19 far outweighs that from SARS.

日本的Inagawa博士(IP-PA1之父)把一组感染了SARS的小鼠再完全没有疫苗和治疗的情况下放在一个地方里,全部将在14天内死亡。 如果它们有注射了SARS疫苗,存活率将提高到40%。 但是,如果这组小鼠在注射SARS疫苗的同时食用IP-PA1,则存活率百分比会大于90%哦!

Shiruto是一种维生素,可增强我们的免疫系统。 巨噬细胞是我们免疫系统必不可少,也是最强的免疫细胞,它也是抵抗疾病/病菌最重要的免疫细胞。 Shiruto具有一种独特的成分,名为IP-PA1。 IP-PA1与巨噬细胞表面受体(TLR4)结合,能够天然地激活我们的免疫系统。