She Gets 12 Benefits From Wearing Aulora Pants with Kodenshi

Lily Teoh got 12 benefits!

  • Cannot walk up the staircase. Now can!
  • Cannot sleep well. Now can!
  • Hairline fractured on hand. After wrapping it no more pain!
  • Lost 3kg!
  • No constipation while travelling!
  • No itchiness while travelling!
  • & Much More!

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Lily Teoh 穿上Aulora Pants 后,身体健康方面竟然有多达12个效果!

  • 之前不能上楼梯,现在能了!
  • 之前睡不好,现在能了!
  • 之前手有骨折会痛,用Aulora Pants 包扎手后不痛了!
  • 瘦了3KG!
  • 出国时不再便秘了!
  • 出国时皮肤不再痒了!
  • 还有更多!

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