She Consumed 15 Sachets of Shiruto In 1 Day

Why she consumed 15 Sachets of Shiruto In 1 Day?

Siew Li suffers from diabetes. She has bleeding varicose vein on her feet as well, and the affected area on her feet begins to rot until there is a small hole! She has to do laser therapy on foot, RM180 at a time, and she has been doing it for three years but still not effective. The doctor suggests her to do surgery, and the cost is about RM25, 000! They insist pay in cash RM20,000, and the balance of RM5,000 could be cover from Siew Li’s life insurance.

Siew Li did not have so much money for the surgery, but the doctor said that he could find a social volunteer to help in funding, and then arranged for her surgery on March 11.

It is not according to plan, Siew Li’s neck get a bacterial infection on March 8th, just three days before the surgery date! And she has to go to the hospital immediately. In this way, the surgery date going to stop, and the doctor said that it is necessary to observe again for another six months.

One day during Siew Li is hospitalizing, she gets to know Aulora Pants from her friends, but due to the pricing, she has considered it for a long time. Also, her son and her son’s girlfriend nagged her and don’t get cheated.

Finally, Siew Li bought the Aulora Pants secretly without telling her son! But just right after she wore Aulora Pants for a few days:

  • There is no pain in Siew Li’s feet.
  • walking is relatively stable and fast
  • more strength in getting up and down the stairs
  • can even go to Genting Highlands for fun

Unfortunately, after the neck surgery for some time, the bacterial infection came again. This time it was swollen to a large size and affected her to start to have a headache. Her friend has suggested another product Shiruto; she immediately ate three sachets on the first day, follow by took 15 sachets the next day but feels that the Shiruto was not effective, because she urged to go abroad for ten days soon, so she went to see a doctor get the doctor’s advice.


The doctor was not allowed but told her, and her family has to prepare for the worst! Because the bacterial infection is severe this time, and Siew Li might lose her life! After heard the advice from the doctor, Siew Li and her son were anxious. After that, Siew Li hospitalized in ICU for 18 days! Then the miracle happened!

As a result, Siew Li was successfully discharged from the hospital! Even she consumed 15 Sachets of Shiruto In 1 Day, this act lead to her recovers faster. Let us take a look at her testimony!

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秀丽患有糖尿病,她因脚的血筋爆裂,导致一直流血,然后就开始烂到有一个洞!她有去做脚的laser, 一次要RM180,而且还做了3年。情况一直反反复复。医生建议开刀做手术,而费用则是RM25, 000!秀丽必须给现钱RM20,000,剩下RM5,000扣保险的。秀丽没有这样多现钱做手术,医生说能找社工帮忙,然后安排她3月11号做手术。怎知道3月8号当天秀丽的颈项细菌感染,必须立刻进医院。就这样11号不能做脚的手术,医生说需要再观察半年再打算。

后来秀丽从朋友认识到Aulora Pants, 但是她考虑了很久都没有买,因为儿子和儿子女朋友都担心妈妈给人骗。后来秀丽还是瞒着儿子,自己偷偷买来穿!她穿了Aulora Pants 过后:

  • 脚没有痛了
  • 走路也比较稳,比较快
  • 连上下楼梯都非常好
  • 后来还上云顶游玩