Men’s Aulora Pants with Kodenshi Now Available

When the Aulora Pants became ‘backorder’ status 3 times in 10 months, everyone was getting fascinating about it but still continues to place the order even though they will only get the pants in 1 to 2 months time! The reason behind is due to the Kodenshi functionality of this pant really able to help us regain our health by just wearing it!

On July 15th, 2018, men’s Aulora Pants will be announced! Most men love sports, so it is one of the best gift idea to send your grandpa, father, brother, or boyfriend a pair of high technology’s men’s Aulora Pants with Kodenshi!

By wearing a pair of Aulora pants with Kodenshi, it reduces/eliminates your muscle aches and sprain during exercise. So you able to go further and get a better result in sports like badminton, tennis, basketball, running, cycling, gym, golf, zumba, yoga, and etc!

Men’s Aulora Pants not just slimming pants, its Kodenshi fiber emits heat from the human body and reflect back as far infra rays (FIR) that can help in:

  • constipation
  • gastric
  • knee pain
  • numbness
  • muscle aches
  • benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)
  • back pain
  • water retention
  • burn fats
  • rheumatoid
  • cramp
  • insomnia
  • gout
  • sciatica
  • leg pain
  • varicose veins
  • sprain

Let us have a look of this 2 men’s testimony after wearing the amazing Aulora Pants with Kodenshi:

Sam’s Testimony:

Sam, a father of 2 sons, need long working hours (work 13-14hours a day) to monitor the accuracy of Pantone colours. Every day after work he used to feel very tired and seldom has the energy to interact with his family. Sam also have sinus. Due to this problem, he can’t sleep tight. One night Sam’s has serious pain due to he has leg’s rheumatoid.  Due to that moment with no other option, he tried the Aulora Pants that his wife brought for him a few weeks ago!

This is the result after Sam wear the Aulora Pants:

  • no more rheumatoid
  • no more leg pain that was affected by gout
  • no more constipation
  • better quality sleep
  • more energetic after work
  • no more need to consume wellness product (liver)

Eric’s Testimony:

Eric, a luxury watches sales manager in KLCC, share with us his testimonies after wearing the Aulora Pants for just in few weeks time:

  • lighten his varicose veins
  • no more water retention
  • no more leg cramp
  • no more tinnitus
  • flatten belly

Want to know more about Aulora Pants and its benefits, feel free to contact us via the button below.

男装Aulora Pants with Kodenshi 现已开始发售!

当女装Aulora Pants爆到高达3次断货的时候,全部人都为而疯狂。待处理清单已经排到下月中的情况下还是陆陆续续的下单,目的就是要第一时间拿到这条裤!2018年7月15日,男装Aulora Pants 一促即发!你们都准备好了吗?男人都爱玩科技,送一条Aulora Pants 科技裤给公公,爸爸,老公,男朋友,爱运动的他就最适合不过!

羽球,網球,藍球,跑步,踩車,GYM, 高爾夫球,Zumba, 瑜伽等運動再加穿上神奇的 Aulora Pants, 能有效的减少在运动时的肌肉酸痛,扭伤,就如虎添翼,讓你能更持久,跑得更遠,拿到更好的成績!!

男装Aulora Pants 不仅是一条健身科技裤,它还是一条和女装有同样功效的健康裤哦。它已经证实能有效帮助:

  • 便秘
  • 胃胀风
  • 膝盖疼痛
  • 麻痹
  • 肌肉酸痛
  • 前列腺肥大
  • 腰疼
  • 水肿
  • 燃烧脂肪
  • 风湿
  • 抽筋
  • 失眠
  • 痛风
  • 坐骨神经痛
  • 脚痛
  • 静脉曲张
  • 扭伤

让我们看看以下两个男人穿了Aulora Pants 后的见证。



自从穿了Kodenshi Pants后:

  • 风湿没有了
  • 尿酸引起的脚痛没有了
  • 排便顺畅了
  • 睡眠素质变好了
  • 更精神了
  • 不再需要吃护肝保健品了

Sam 说的对,男人最重要是肝好,肝好就自然身体好!


在KLCC从事名表行业的Eric 穿上Kodenshi 健康裤后:

  • 脚的血根清了很多
  • 水肿没有了
  • 脚不再抽筋了
  • 耳鸣问题减轻了
  • 肚腩在一个星期之内明显变小了!!

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