Malaysia Health Wellness Brand Awards 2018

Just an 18 months old company and could get such recognition on the products which we provided to our IBO, it is really an encouraging and exciting moment!

Aulora Pants – The only and original pants which have helped so many people gain better health and shape.

Befil – The only heart health food which formulated together with Noble Prize winner, Dr. Ferid Murad.

In BE International, we always believe great product for better health and future of our members.

Beyond Inspiring Minds, Touching Life for Eternity.

Thank you for your trust and support! Let’s make the the world better together!

大马保健品牌卓越成就奖 2018


Aulora Pants – 唯一和原装的塑身裤,帮助超过万人获得健康和瘦身成功。

Befil – 唯一一个与诺贝尔奖得主Ferid Murad博士一起制作的护心健康食品。

在BE International,公司始终相信伟大的产品,能改善人们的健康与未来。