Her Fibroid Disappeared After Intakes Zencoso

After takes 4 bottles of Zencoso, her 5cm of fibroid disappeared! Karen got an abnormal bloating one night. The next day, she went to see a doctor. After the examination, the doctor checked that Karen had a tumor, size of 5.6 to 5.7 cm. But it was not determined whether it was a fibroid or water tumor and needed to body check after three weeks. The doctor said to Karen that she would need to do the operation if necessary.


Karen didn’t want to do the operation and looking for ways to avoid it. Her friend has suggested to her that Zencoso had testimonials about the elimination of uterine fibroids. She thought: “I have to do the body check again after three weeks. Let’s see if Zencoso helps to eliminate my fibroids!” So Karen began to consume Zencoso few times a day. In 3 weeks, she drank a total of 4 bottles of Zencoso!

Three weeks later, when the doctor checks on Karen again, he could not find the fibroids found in Karen’s body anymore! Karen let both doctors checked & get the same result! We are so happy for Karen that she can personally experience the power of Zencoso! Just after intakes 4 bottles of Zencoso, her 5cm of fibroid disappeared and she no needs to do operation anymore!

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3个星期吃了4罐Zencoso后,她 5cm的瘤竟然消失了!

Karen 在一个晚上突然肚子胀,而且胀到很大,隔天就去看医生。医生检查到她有5.6 至 5.7cm 的瘤,但是不确定是肌瘤还是水瘤,需要再做检验。然后安排了3个星期后进行再次的检验,必要时需要做开刀手术。

Karen 不想做手术,她在朋友圈里得知有Zencoso 消灭子宫肌瘤的见证,她想到:“反正3个星期后都必须要做检验,就在这3个星期里看看到底Zencoso 是不是对子宫肌瘤/水瘤有帮助!“ 于是Karen 就开始很勤力的吃 Zencoso, 在这3个星期里总共吃了4罐的Zencoso 哦!

3个星期后,当医生再次帮Karen做身体检查时,竟然找不到之前的瘤了!Karen 问了2个医生都得到相同的答案,让她能自己亲自经历这 Zencoso 的见证, 非常非常的开心!