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How to Wash Aulora Pants?

This video shows you how to wash Aulora Pants in proper way.

This video teaches you how to wash your Aulora Pants the right and quick way. Because the pant is made mainly using Kodenshi fiber, proper care should be given when washing.

Warning: Please don’t ever wash the Aulora Pants with a washing machine. The spin dry feature of a washing machine will definitely rip or tear the pants.

The following are 4 things you have to remember when cleaning the pant:

  • Hand wash the pant with water or gentle laundry
  • Use Beyang Delicate Laundry Wash or baby shower foam
  • Hand squeeze excess water from the pant
  • Drip dry the pants at a cool place away from direct sunlight

To protect the pants, remember:

  • Avoid tumble dry and direct sunlight
  • Do not use a brush to clean it
  • Do not use bleach
  • Do not iron the pant

Introducing Beyang Delicate Laundry Wash (Updated Dec 2020)

Beyang Delicate Laundry Wash

Beyang Delicate Laundry Wash is a concentrated delicate liquid laundry with the perfect formulation of gentle and mild ingredients for your luxury fabric care and skin protection.

Formulated without:

  • Parabens
  • Lanolin
  • Phosphate
  • Fluorescent Whitening Agent

Garment Care

  • Gentle & Mild formulation for delicate fabric.
  • Effective cleaning to lift dirt & stains.
  • Anti-bacterial & easy to rinse off.

Skin Friendly

  • 95% natural ingredients.
  • Skin-moisturising effect.
  • Optimal pH value for skin.
  • Hypoallergenic & Dermatologist-tested for sensitive skin.

Eco Friendly

  • Essential oils, Aloe Vera & Lavender extract certified organic by ECOCERT(world’s leading specialist in organic certification).
  • Naturally scented essential oil of orange & bergamot.
  • Organic Aloe Vera & Lavender extract as fabric softener to prevent static cling after wash.
如何用正确的方式清洗 Aulora Pants?

这个视频教会你如何清洗你的Aulora Pants。因Aulora Pants 有光电子纤维的关系,在清洗这条裤的方面是需要特别照顾的。

请不要用洗衣机清洗,这样会弄破Aulora Pants的。

清注意以下清洗Aulora Pants 4步骤:

  1. 用清水洗Aulora Pants
  2. 可以加入Beyang Delicate Laundry Wash 或非常少量的婴儿洗浴露
  3. 拿一条毛巾,把清洗了的Aulora Pants放在上面,然后把毛巾的另一边盖过裤子,轻轻按上去Aulora Pants把大部分的水吸走
  4. 把Aulora Pants 放在阴凉处自然风干,避免阳光直射

要照顾好你的Aulora Pants,记得:

  • 避免阳光直射
  • 不可用刷子刷洗Aulora Pants
  • 不可漂白
  • 不可以熨烫

新推出: Beyang Delicate Laundry Wash (Dec 2020 更新)

新推出:Beyang Delicate Laundry Wash



  • 对羟基苯甲酸酯
  • 羊毛脂
  • 磷酸盐
  • 荧光增白剂


  • 温和配方适合用来洗涤纤柔衣物。
  • 有效清除污垢和污渍。
  • 抗菌效果且易于冲洗。


  • 95%天然成分。
  • 滋润肌肤。
  • 亲肤的最佳pH值。
  • 低过敏及经皮肤病学测试适合敏感皮肤。


  • ECOCERT(全球领先的有机认证专家)已认证的有机精油、芦荟和薰衣草提取物。
  • 橙和佛手柑的天然香精油。
  • 有机芦荟和薰衣草萃取物可作为布料柔软剂,防止洗涤后产生静电。