How do Aulora Pants Helps in Gout Problem?

Because of uric acid, May’s sister’s ankle has this gout bump getting bigger each day for years. In just 3 months of wearing Aulora Pants with Kodenshi, the gout bump on her ankle has become smaller and then disappeared! Also, her urinary incontinence problem also improved so much!

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Aulora Pants 如何幫助痛風問題?

May的姐姐因為有尿失禁問題和尿酸的關係,她的腳跟已經生出腫瘤多年。後來經妹妹的介紹,穿上Aulora Pants 3個月後,那塊腫瘤漸漸變小,後來還消失了!不但如此,她的尿失禁問題也轉好了許多!

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