Her Dad Consume A Product That Can Get Rid of Doing Angioplasty Operation

Sharon’s father had done angioplasty because of coronary artery disease six years ago. Unfortunately, the blood vessels at heart get blocked again after six years, and the blockage percentage is as high as 60%! After taking the report, the doctor has arranged Sharon’s father to do the second time angioplasty.

Sharon has confidence in BE International’s products because one of their star products, the Aulora Pants, had greatly improved her health problem. She knows that there is another star product from them is for coronary artery disease, which is very powerful, named Befil. Moreover, the formulation is developed together with one of the Nobel Prize winners. This year, Befil also won Malaysia’s Health & Wellness Brand Award 2018, which is very authoritative & reliable. As a result, Sharon bought Befil for her dad to try.

Initially, Sharon’s dad found Befil very doubtful. But he was listened to Sharon advises and drinks a sachet of Befil every morning after wake up. After 45 minutes/one hour, then only has his breakfast. After drinking it for three months, he was going to bodycheck again, His doctor has confirmed that 60% of cardiovascular problems have greatly improved (running test result from mark 3 to 4 this time). Even the doctor was amazed by the result!

As a result, Sharon’s father does not have to do the operation, and the doctor advised him for the next bodycheck 6 months later. We wish Sharon’s dad to continue to takes Befil and no needs to do angioplasty anymore.

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Sharon 的爸爸6年前因为心血管阻塞而做过[通波仔]。不幸6年后又再次阻塞,而且是高达60%,非常危险!拿了检查报告后,医生已经安排了Sharon 的爸爸做第二次的[通波仔] 手术。

在等待做手术的同时,Sharon因为Aulora Pants的关系,对BE International 的产品有一定的信心。她得知有一个针对心脑血管疾病的产品非常有效,叫Befil。而且还是经过诺贝尔奖得主一同研发配方,今年还得了大马品牌保健奖2018, 可以说是非常权威。所有Sharon 就开始买Befil给爸爸喝。

爸爸一开始只是抱着半信半疑的心态去尝试。他很听话,每天早上起床都会第一时间喝一包Befil, 等过了45分钟/一个小时后再吃早餐。就这样喝了3个月后再次让医生检查,证实60%的心血管阻塞问题竟然改善了。从之前的跑步那3分,到这次可以拿4分,连医生也觉得神奇!就这样Sharon 的爸爸不用[通波仔]了,等半年后再去做身体检查。

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