Get Recover From Stroke by Wear Aulora Pants

He gets recover from stroke by wear Aulora Pants for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now he is able to speak clearly, walk steady, and live happier.

3 years ago, Jeremy got a stroke and become paralysed. During these three years, his family take care of him on everything such as going toilet, showering and eating. With the love and patience of his parents, especially his wife, Sharon, Jeremy finally able to move. Because the need to earn some income to survive, Jeremy started to work as a Grab driver even though he still not fully can move like a normal person.

When the first time a passenger introduced Jeremy the Aulora Pants, he was very excited and share with information to his wife, Sharon. But Sharon did not agree with her husband and was worried about being cheated. But Jeremy had strong beliefs and insisted to get himself a set of Aulora Pants. Finally, Sharon tolerated and let her husband try on the ‘ordinary black color leggings’ that she feels ‘super expensive’ by that time.

jeremy get recover from stroke

After wearing the Aulora Pants in the first week, Jeremy did not feel any difference. But the miracle only happened in the second week! Because Jeremy can’t crouch during these 3 years, and by wearing this pair of Aulora Pants he is able to crouch in 2 weeks! Jeremy feels the pants are so amazing and crouching to his parents & wife right away! After wearing the pants for more than a month, Jeremy’s actions began to be relatively like normal. He could shower by himself, eat, and speak fluently!

Sharon starts to believe in the Aulora Pants after she saw her husband almost get recover from stroke by wear Aulora Pants. So she began to wear Aulora Pants as well because she has cold hand & feet. Now she wears it every day & loves it very much!

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Jeremy 3年前一个早晨中风,导致全身完全不能动,3年里都需要家人的照顾如冲凉,吃饭。在他的爸妈和太太Sharon的爱心与耐心照顾下,Jeremy 终于可以活动。因为手停口停。在行动还不是很自如的情况下, Jeremy开始做Grab 司机。

当时在载一个乘客时介绍Jeremy穿Aulora Pants后,他就很兴奋的和太太Sharon分享,但是太太并不赞成丈夫的看法,还担心被骗。但是Jeremy很坚决要购买,所以太太唯有让丈夫试穿这条她本人觉得 ‘非常贵’ 的‘普通塑身裤’。

穿了Aulora Pants后,第一个星期Jeremy并没有反应,而第二个星期竟然奇迹发生了!因为Jeremy在3年里完全不能蹲下的,而穿了这条裤子才2个星期就能蹲了!Jeremy觉得太神奇了,还马上蹲给爸妈看呢!而日后Jeremy的行动也开始比较自如, 可以自行冲凉,吃饭,和讲话变流利了!

太太Sharon看到丈夫可以蹲就开始相信这个裤子,于是开始穿上Aulora Pants 了。Sharon很怕冷,知道Aulora Pants 可以保暖,就很努力的在穿,果然很有效!现在她每天都穿,如果一晚没有穿就会觉得很冷呢!

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