Fibroid Gone After Wearing the Aulora Pants

We believe that many of you(ladies) are familiar with fibroid. Because of her appointed insurance company request, Shirley did a body check and was unfortunately diagnosed with a fibroid. The doctor scheduled Shirley back to the clinic after three months and advised her to stop drinking the collagen that she drinks every day.

But Shirley continues to drink her collagen! She thinks that she will do operation one day if the fibroid becomes bigger, so she no plans to stop drinking her collagen. She also wants to find out whether the collagen that she drinks will make the fibroid bigger. And because of water retention to her body, she began to wear a type of “healthy pant” every day.

3 months later, the fibroid not only did not become bigger, but it was gone! Yes, it was gone! ! Shirley was very happy that this miracle did happen to her. Fortunately, she did not give up and continued to drink collagen, which can keep his skin whitening, and also very lucky for wear this healthy pants all the way from Japan!

The collage that Shirley drinks everyday is Maqnifiq!!
The healthy pant she wears is Aulora Pant with Kodenshi!

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相信很多女性朋友都对子宫肌瘤都不陌生。Shirley是因为保险的关系而去做身体检查,不幸的被诊断患上子宫瘤。医生排期帮Shirley 3个月后回去复诊,并劝她停止喝当时每天都喝的collagen。


3个月后结果出来,肿瘤不但没有变大,而且是不见了!对,是不见了!!😳😳😳 这个见证让Shirley 开心死了,她说幸好没有放弃继续喝collagen, 能让他肌肤维持美白,也非常辛运有穿从日本来的健康裤哦!

Shirley喝的collagen就是 Maqnifiq!!
她所穿的健康裤就是Aulora Pants 塑身裤!

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