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Even Professor said YES to Aulora Pants

Dr Simonnez, who is a professor major in the polymer subject, met Aulora Pants with Kodenshi after a friend introduced her. She then decided to buy 1 pant for her mom who has severe leg pain for decades. However, Dr Simonnez was not buying in the first place, she needs to figure out the four factors before purchase:

  1. The authenticity of fabrics and the technology
  2. Is the pant worth the price?
  3. Does it really help her mother leg problem?
  4. The company background

Dr Simonnez did a lot of research on the fabrics and far-infrared technology before she bought the so-called “magical pant”, and she even went to study the Journal paper about the effects, tests, and usage of far-infrared!! She really did lots of homework before purchase!

In the end, Dr Simonnez not only bought the Aulora Pants for her mother but also her mother put on the Aulora Pants and witnessed the improvement of her leg pain within 24 hours. It’s so amazing!

Dr Simonnez later joined the BE family and shared such great products with her relatives and friends, so that more people can regain their health!

Aulora Pants 连博士都说好

这位读高分子聚合物系 (polymer) 的Simonnez博士因为妈妈几十年的脚痛问题,经朋友介绍而认识了Aulora Pants with Kodenshi。可是她并没有立即购买,她必须搞清楚以下4种因素:

  1. 布料和科技的真实性
  2. 一条裤竟然这个价位到底合理不合理
  3. 妈妈穿了能真正帮助到她的脚痛问题吗
  4. 这条裤的公司背景

在还没有购买这条所谓的“神奇裤”之前Simonnez博士做了很多关于布料方面和 [远红外线] 的研究,甚至去到期刊论文(Journal paper)查看关于 [远红外线] 的功效,测验与用途!可以说是做足功课哦!到最后Simonnez博士不但买了Aulora Pants 给妈妈,而且妈妈穿上了Aulora Pants 24个小时内就有了见证,太厉害了吧!

Simonnez博士后来还加入了BE 大家庭,一起和我们分享这样棒的产品给身边的亲戚朋友知道,让更多人因此而重获健康!