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Difference Between Genuine & Fake Shiruto!

These photos above show you the difference between genuine & fake Shiruto products. Scammers professionally counterfeiting the Shiruto packaging box as well as the ingredients in the sachet! You will not know much of the difference if you are purchasing Shiruto the very first time.

Shiruto launched in January 2019 in Malaysia. Made in Japan, Shiruto can boost your immune system with its IP-PA1 special ingredient. It shortly becomes one of the top-selling products in BE International. As a result, this is one of the reasons that scammers started to counterfeit it. They will then sell the counterfeit version at 3rd party shopping platforms at a much lower price. You will see there are many sellers in 3rd party shopping platforms selling counterfeit Shiruto at different prices. Some sellers will even offer unusual gifts!

We do receive inquiries from prospects questioning us about why the pricing of Shiruto in Lazada / Shopee is way cheaper than the official pricing. Well, did you know that all BE INTERNATIONAL products (including Shiruto) are NOT ALLOW to sell on a 3rd party shopping platform/shop/kiosk in the first place?

First ‘Real & Fake Shiruto’ Video Exposed on Facebook

On 18th August 2021, a lady received a fake Shiruto that her friend brought from Shopee. She can 100% confirm that it was a fake Shiruto. This is because she used to consume Shiruto for more than a year before. She even shared a video about the difference between the real and fake Shiruto. Her intention is to advise users to always purchase Shiruto from an authorized distributor, and NOT from the 3rd party platform.

A consumer made a video about ‘real & fake Shiruto’

On 21st August 2021, BE International has released an official notice about the ‘fake Shiruto’ matters selling at 3rd party platforms. They had lodged a police report for this matter as well.

Fake Shiruto Warning Notice from BE International

Now you should know the difference between genuine & fake Shiruto products. You should also know the legit way to purchase genuine Shiruto. So please always purchase Shiruto from an authorized distributor and not from the 3rd party shopping platforms.

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