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This Crohn’s Disease (IBD) Patient Love Shiruto

Crohn’s disease (IBD) patients might need to go in and out of the hospital very frequently, and Dato almost ended his life with this disease in 2018. The doctor once said to him that if he can survive 4 hours later, then he will be fine. And it will be a miracle! Fortunately, Dato was able to pass the most critical 4 hours and discharged from hospital, but the condition of his illness did not have any improvement. One day, Dato being introduced Shiruto by a friend who visited him, and this is where the miracle happened! 😳😳😳

Dato received a box of Shiruto that day and went for a sleep after taking 2 sachets. After taking 2 more sachets the next morning, he could get out of bed to do some washing & shaving, and even his wife was amazed by his condition! She even clapped her hands and said it’s so grateful that her husband just takes 4 sachets of Shiruto has such an amazing improvement! 😇

What is Crohn’s Disease?

Crohn’s disease is an unexplained intestinal inflammatory disease that can occur anywhere in the gastrointestinal tract but occurs in the terminal ileum and right colon. Both the disease and chronic non-specific ulcerative colitis are collectively referred to as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The clinical manifestations of this disease are abdominal pain, diarrhoea, intestinal obstruction, accompanied by fever, nutritional disorders and other parenteral manifestations. The course of the disease is prolonged, repeated attacks, and difficult to cure. The disease is also known as localized enteritis, Crohn’s disease, segmental enteritis and granulomatous enteritis.

There is currently no cure for this disease, many patients have complications are required to perform an operation, but the recurrence rate is high. The recurrence rate of the disease is related to a few factors: the extent of the lesion, how serious is the extent, the prolongevity of the disease course, and the age. All these factors may affect the mortality rate.

有了Shiruto, 连罕见的克罗恩病(IBD)都不怕!

患了罕见的克罗恩病 (IBD)的病人需要经常进出医院,而Dato在2018年一次病发里差点断送了生命,医生和他说如果熬得过4小时,就是奇迹!最后他幸好熬过了还出了院,但是病况并没有改善。经过一次朋友的探望,有介绍Dato吃Shiruto, 就这样奇迹发生了!😳😳😳

Dato当天收到了一盒Shiruto, 吃了2包就睡觉去。而隔天早上再吃2包后,竟然可以自己下床去剃须冲凉和梳洗,连太太也惊叹拍掌,非常感动和感恩丈夫只是吃了仅仅4包的Shiruto就有这样神奇的改善!😇