Cancer Patients Can Consume Shiruto To Reduce Pain

He already proofs that cancer patients can consume Shiruto to reduce pain on radiotherapy/ chemotherapy.

Wei Chet, who is only 22 years old this year. He has suffered from brain cancer and needs radiotherapy for 30 times. Now he is going through no.21 times of radiotherapy, but we still see him energetic and looks great. How did he get through this painful treatment? It is because of 4 treasures:

Aulora Socks:
– Make Wei Chet’s hands and feet flexible.
– His hand no more gripping (previously his hand is gripping uncontrollable due to his ill)

Aulora Pants:
– Helps Wei Chet in walking, he feels his feet & body lighter.
– No more dragging feet while walking.


SHIRUTO Immunity Vitamins:
– He started to takes SHIRUTO before the radiotherapy process
– He takes 6 sachets a day
– Quickly recovery (the inner wound) after the radiotherapy.
– Slow down the painful feeling of the body burning after radiotherapy.

Befil Nobel Prize Heart Recipe:
– Drink a sachet around 5 am every day.
– Easy to defecate.
– He does not quickly feel tired and feel energetic.

Wei Chet already proof that cancer patients can consume Shiruto to reduce pain on radiotherapy/ chemotherapy. We are glad to have BE International brings such great products to cancer patients so that they can easily pass through the difficult time of radiotherapy/chemotherapy. We wish Wei Chet a speedy recovery & back to a better and healthier lifestyle soon.

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Wei Chet 今年仅22岁不幸患上脑癌,需要电疗30次。普通人只是听到都已经熬不住了,究竟他是如何度过这艰难的疗程呢?就是4样宝物:

Aulora Socks:
– 让Wei Chet 的手脚变得灵活。
– 手不再不听使唤的握得紧紧了。

Aulora Pants:
– 帮助Wei Chet 走起路来变得轻松。
– 脚板开始没有拖着地板上走了。


Shiruto 免疫维生素:
– 还没开始电疗就开始吃
– 开始电疗时每天吃6包
– 迅速复原电疗过后的内伤口。
– 减缓电疗过后体内产生火烧的痛苦感觉。

Befil 诺贝尔奖护心配方:
– 每天早上5点左右喝一包。
– 容易排便。
– 人没有容易觉得累,感觉精神。

很辛运有BE INTERNATIONAL 这件公司带给癌症病人这样棒的产品,让他们可以轻松度过电疗/化疗的艰难日子。我们一起祝福Wei Chet 愿他早日康复,身体健康。