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BE Travel Lifestyle Campaign Qualifier – MELBOURNE 2019 – Day 4 (morning session)

On Day 4 morning, we went to the famous Warrook Farm and Fauna Park, where you can feed the animals, milk the cows, watch sheep shearing, and sheep herding within the huge farm. We really love the experiences over there.

第4天的早上我们去了在墨尔本很著名的Warrook Farm and Fauna Park。在哪里你可以近距离接触哺乳动物,挤牛奶,观看剃牧羊毛秀和牧羊犬趕綿羊秀。可以说是乐趣无穷!

Nice and organic starter for our lunch!
It’s great to have lunch with all leaders and share about the tactics & ideas in this business.
  • Wombat!