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BE Travel Lifestyle Campaign Qualifier – MELBOURNE 2019 – Day 4 (afternoon 2nd session)

While on the way to see penguins, we saw many wallabies on the sides way! Our tour guide said that the wallabies are being protected by the government and the road will be blocked in the evening time to avoid any vehicles hitting them. In less than 30 minutes, we reach Phillip Island Nature Parks! It is not allowed to take pictures inside, but the company is very thoughtful that they already arranged photo shooting team ready to take a group photo of us!

在去看世界最小的企鹅的路上,我们在路边看到了很多小袋鼠! 我们听导游说,小袋鼠受到政府的保护,这里的道路将在晚上被封,以避免任何车辆撞到它们。 在不到30分钟的时间内,我们到Phillip Island Nature Parks!准备入场看‘小企鹅回家’!里面并不可以拍照,但是公司很贴心,在室外已经准备好拍摄人员帮我们拍全体照!

  • We are ready to roll!
  • The only photo we shot at Phillip Island Nature Parks.

After watched the penguin back home for dinner, we were also going for dinner. And this time we have the lobster x red wine for dinner! Such a great combination!

  • With our Hong Kong leader – Siu Siu!