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BE Travel Lifestyle Campaign Qualifier – MELBOURNE 2019 – Day 3 (afternoon 2nd session)

After the Melbourne Star session, company fetches us to visit St Patrick’s Cathedral, the tour guide said it takes over 80 years from groundbreaking to completed!

在Melbourne Star 拍过全体照后,公司载了我们去参观St Patrick’s Cathedral教堂,真的是非常宏伟!导游还跟我们说这建筑物共花了超过80年来建成哦!

After visit St Patrick’s Cathedral, we go for a city tour. We have some photo shooting session at the famous Hosier Lane. That area really super crowded, we managed to took some photos & spent around 10 minutes there, then we head back to the hotel for gala dinner preparation.

参观过St Patrick’s Cathedral 教堂后,我们就去涂鸦巷Hosier Lane 拍照。那里非常多人,我们只在那逗留了大概10分钟便回酒店为晚上的gala dinner做准备。

Our dinner was held in the Plaza Ballroom, a magnificent venue with an unforgettable experience. The theme of this gala dinner is the Masquerade Night! The company really spent a lot of time & effort to arrange this dinner: the unlimited supply of red wine/champagne/juice, food, venue layout, master of ceremonies, games, and giveaways are the best!

我们的晚宴在Plaza Ballroom举行,这是一个拥有难忘体验的宏伟场所。 这场盛大晚宴的主题是化妆舞会之夜! 公司在这次晚宴上真的花了很多心思和悉心安排: 无限供应的红酒/香槟/果汁,食物,场地布置,司仪,游戏和赠品,都是最棒的!

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