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Aulora Pants Helps Paralysis Patient to Speak Clearly

Ever wonder how the Aulora Pants helps a paralysis patient to speak clearly again after wear it for 3 days? You have to watch this video!

Wei Jie, 20 years old, who had a tumour in his brain two years ago, has sequelae after the operation. The left side of his face and the right side of his body is seriously affected and must be living in a wheelchair. The doctor has advised Wei Jie to accept this fact, but he and his family did not give up on finding improvement! In the past two years, he has been going to see Chinese doctors, doing physical therapy, acupuncture and so on. . . But the condition has not improved.

paralysis patient wear aulora pants

Until one day, his mother bought Wei Jie the Aulora Pants and asked Wei Jie to try them on. In just wearing the pants for 3 days, Wei Jie started to feel the difference:

  • tongue is more flexible and clear when speaking
  • right arm nerves no more pain when he raised his right hand
  • able to climb the stairs
  • the body weight became lighter. Wei Jie could climb up the stairs all the way

After Aulora Pants helps a paralysis patient to speak clearly, Wei Jie now feels more confident. He also discovered the business opportunity that enables him to earn his living expenses on his own even though he is a disabled person!



直至有一天妈妈带回来一条Aulora Pants 叫伟杰试试穿上,然后奇迹发生了!伟杰穿了 Aurora Pants 3天后就见效哦!

  • 舌头变灵活了,讲话时清晰了
  • 右手的根不痛了,可以举上来了
  • 爬楼梯身体变轻很多,一下子就能爬上去了