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You will see there are many sellers in 3rd party shopping platform selling the Aulora Pants at different prices.

Maybe you have already enquired a few sellers but they all give you different prices or even unusual gifts?

One of their star products, the Aulora Pants, has helped more than 500,000 people improve their health problems. And now comes with Aulora Panties, Aulora Boxer, Aulora Socks, & Aulora Basic Top, this phenomenon has spread to more than 50 countries!

It has led many irresponsible sellers deceived customers by using the following ways/tricks:

. . . And many more!

According to company policy,  all BE INTERNATIONAL products are NOT ALLOW to sell on 3rd party shopping platform/shop/kiosk.

There are a lot of sellers, but it is not easy to find a legit & reputable one!

Moreover, if you want to know whether the Aulora product can improve your health problem, you must get the answer from a professional and legit distributor.

Looking for a legit seller?

Hi, I am Catherine from Malaysia. I am a legit distributor authorized by BE INTERNATIONAL. The company established on August 15, 2017, and I have been a member three months after the establishment, and I have involved full-time in this career.

During my time in running this BE business, my husband and I have won few 5-star free luxury travels rewarded by the company. I want to say thank you to my customers for their trust and support!

Furthermore, some of my customers have become my business partners as well! Want to know the reason? It is because of my PROFESSIONALISM and GOOD REPUTATION.

About My Career Background

My professionalism & reputation is related to my previous working experiences.

I have previously worked as a personal assistant to the founder of one of the top 10 Malaysian companies. I have been travelled on a private jet for meetings and learned how to run a business from scratch!

Four years ago, I worked as a senior planner in one of the world’s top 10 American semiconductor companies. I also won multiples Energizer Award on my outstanding achievements! Due to the work stress, I am suffering from a severe hormonal imbalance problem.

Thanks to Aulora Pants with Kodenshi, my health problem has successfully improved & kickstart a new milestone in my career.

Keep learning is one of the keys to success. After I have joined BE INTERNATIONAL in full-time, I have attended multiples company’s professional training courses, for example, Incentive Training Class, Brand Ambassador Seminar, BE Health Seminar, Journey of Beauty Workshop, Business Owner Seminar, Train The Trainer Class, etc. Therefore, I have excellent knowledge of both BE product and building my team.

About My Good Reputation

Especially in the direct selling industry, reputation is significant. A good reputation is built up by keep providing excellent services to your customers over time. When I run this BE business, sometimes customers will encounter some problems, I give my best to solve their problems.

Do you have question on the Aulora Pants?

How Did I Know About Aulora Pants?

When I encountered hormonal imbalance disorder, my menstrual period has also stopped for a few months. This problem is getting serious and causing me to be very emotional, insomnia, and feel tired every day. I started to look for various healing methods such as doctors & Chinese medicine practitioners. Later, I met a natural hormonal therapist. After multiple massage treatments for an extended period, my water retention problem has reduced slightly. I also tried food fasting, which reduced my weight of a few kilograms.

On top of that, I often visit a Chinese medicine practitioner who is quite well-known for her exclusive healing method. However, all these expensive medical expenses have made me in hesitation whether to continue these treatments. Until one day, I saw someone sharing Aulora Pants on Facebook. So I bought a twin pack from the distributor (now she is my upline, RCCA Hibbie Tan).

My husband Eric, feeling that I am wasting money on this. But I just wore it for four days only and no more insomnia! After continuing wear for another two months, I found that my waist and hips were slimmed down. Even my husband saw this significant difference! It’s truly amazing!

This amazing pants make us decided to involve in BE business actively. We have held home parties so that more people can understand how great Aulora products to their health as well as this excellent business opportunity.

Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for more benefits of BE products & testimonials collected from customers!

Can Aulora Pants improve your health problem?

6 Factors to Determine a Professional Distributor:


"I'm working right now, can I reply to you after work?" I believe you won't want this kind of reply when you are facing a problem, right?

Always With You

All your message will get a reply promptly most of the time. If necessary, I can arrange to meet up with you face to face too.

Right Product for Right Person

In addition to knowing each BE INTERNATIONAL product very well, I able to choose the right product that best fit your health condition.

Exclusive Know-how

From how to choose the correct size that best fits you, how to place an order, to how to wash & care, I have tutorial videos for you!

Transparent Purchase Process

If you prefer, I can purchase on your behalf, or guide you on how to make a purchase yourself through our exclusive BE 2 U App. Each purchase has come with a receipt.

After-sales Follow-up

Are you having problems after using the product? I have a solution for that. From time to time, I will also update you about the latest product launching and ongoing promotions.

To Get All Benefits, Please Make Your Purchase from A Legit & Professional Distributor.

Want to become an authorized distributor in your country?

Do You Want to Start Up An International Business With BE Products?

Let Me Guide You Step-by-step!

BE INTERNATIONAL is an traditional multilevel-marketing (MLM) company. Over 90% people who success in MLM is because of they follow the right leader. Within 2 years time, my networks has been expanded to countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Korea, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan, & Indonesia. I must thanks to my upline guidance & the company’s one family culture! I believe my leadership & experience can assure your success in BE International by just follow the system step-by-steps. There is no magic and just the basic! WhatsApp me now and I’ll tell you more!

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