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Aulora Pants Can Solve Your Knee Pain Problem

Let’s see Penny, the famous Kopitiam owner in First Garden, Ipoh, and Ah Fun, who is a tea maker in the Kopitiam, share with you the results after both of them wear the amazing Aulora Pants with Kodenshi!

Many people in Ipoh would recognize Ah Fun because of her as a tea maker for many years. Due to her work as a tea maker, she needs to stand for long hours, leads to Ah Fun has severe varicose veins on her feet. She has severe pain in her feet when sleeping at night. Not only that, but Ah Fun’s neck also has bone spurs. She had spent an adequate amount of money to see a doctor cure her bone spurs, but still, her neck will feel pain when cleaning up the Kopitiam especially sweep the floor. Here is the result after Ah Fun began to wear Aulora Pants on 5th May 2018:

  • no more feet pain
  • no more neck pain
  • belly getting smaller
  • the problem of varicose veins on both feet has improved
  • better sleep quality

Moreover,Ah Fun only wear the Aulora Pants in the night time. Penny also has introduced Aulora Pants to her friends and customers & here is the result after they wear:

  • able to squat
  • both legs no more feel numb

一起来听听怡保某间著名茶室老板娘Penny和冲茶的阿芬讲讲她们穿了Aulora Pants 的见证哦!

阿芬应该怡保很多人都有见过她,因为她是在一间怡保很有名的茶室冲茶的。因为长期站着冲茶,脚有严重的静脉曲张,晚上睡觉的时候会有刺痛感。阿芬的颈也有生骨刺,曾经花钱看医生,但在打扫茶室摸地的时候还是会痛。自从5月5日开始穿上Aulora Pants with Kodenshi 后:

  • 脚痛没有了
  • 颈痛没有了
  • 肚腩小了
  • 双脚的静脉曲张问题改善了
  • 睡眠品质变好

还有,阿芬是晚上才穿哦!Penny也有介绍Aulora Pants 给她的朋友和顾客,他们穿后:

  • 可以蹲了
  • 双脚麻痹问题没有了