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Aulora Basic Top Helps In Relieve Shoulder Pain

Aulora Basic Top Helps In Relieve Shoulder Pain. Brandy, who has been working in F&B for more than 20 years, suffers from severe shoulder muscle pain due to long hours of handling & moving of goods. Brandy loves exercise very much. He insists exercise every morning, but because of the soreness of his shoulders, every time he exercises, he feels muscle pains. He has done acupuncture and medication, but none of them worked. Since wearing Aulora Basic Top with Kodenshi, his shoulder pain has been reduced by 90% in 4 days. Brandy feels this black t-shirt is so amazing!

Brandy knew that the Aulora Basic Top helps in relieve shoulder pain. One day, he wore the Aulora Basic Top to participate in the 21km race. He started at 6 am in the morning until 4 pm then went home. During the race, Brandy sweated a lot, but he didn’t feel much tired. Although after 10 hours of sweat-absorption and then air-drying of the t-shirt, he said this t-shirt does not have smell-of-sweat, and still feels very comfortable and does not sticky.

Brandy highly recommend the Aulora Basic Top for those who suffer from shoulder pain & all sort of body pains. This black t-shirt also helps in relieving the soreness of your body with the high technology Kodenshi fiber.


从事20多年F&B工作的Brandy,因长时间搬运货物的关系,有严重的肩膀肌肉酸痛问题。Brandy 很喜爱做运动,他每天早上都会坚持做运动,可是因为肩膀酸痛的关系,每次运动时会有肌肉撕裂的疼痛感。他有做过针灸和吃药,但是都没有见效。自从穿上Aulora Basic Top 后,在4天后肩膀的酸痛竟然减少了90%,Brandy 绝对这件黑色T恤非常的神奇!

有天他穿着Aulora Basic Top去参加21km的赛跑,从早上6点出发,到下午4点才回家,Brandy 出了大量的汗,可是他觉得不会怎么累,整个人的状态都很好。虽然经历了大概10个小时的吸汗再风干的过程,他还很神奇的发现这件T恤并不会发汗臭味,还是感觉非常舒适,不会粘着身体。