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A Foodie Still Can Slim Down Her Body by Intakes Slendglow

Ivy’s family photo took in the year 2019.

Ivy is a mother of 2 and the first picture she took in the year 2019.

Ivy had tried many ways to slim down her body but always failed. Why? Because Ivy’s mouth cannot control her mouth! Whenever see nice food in front of her, Always will tell herself: “Never mind, eat first and diet later haha”. Then she will give up her slimming journey. Most of us will have the same thoughts as Ivy, right?

Ivy’s “whenever got food must eat first then diet later” slogan makes her cannot slim down for sure. She tried Zumba class twice a week last time but not really can see the result because she didn’t cut down her meal.

When Slendglow is launched and with lots of testimonies, Ivy knows this product can help a ‘mouth-talk-diet-but-keep-eating’ person like her.

This photo also shows the meals Ivy has during her slimming journey.

Ivy is happy not because her weight dropped only, her fats and visceral fats also dropped from 5.5 to 4!

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Ivy 是 2 个孩子的母亲,上面第一张照片是她在 2019 年所拍摄的。


Ivy“先吃后减”的口号让她肯定瘦不下来。上次她每周上两次Zumba课,但都没有真正看到效果,因为她都没有减吃!当 Slendglow 推出并获得大量见证时,Ivy 知道这款产品可以帮助像她打着“先吃后减”口号的人减肥成功。

上面的照片是 Ivy 试用了 Slendglow 90 天后的结果。Ivy 开心不只是因为她的体重下降了,她的脂肪和内脏脂肪也从5.5下降到4!

查看更多 Slendglow 见证。如果您仍在寻找减肥的最佳解决方案,请通过下面的按钮与我们联系。我们将指导您如何仍然可以享用您的美食下减肥成功(尤其是现在的榴莲季节,呵呵):